Monday, August 15, 2005

The actual truths are Diversions Away

"The dilemma of taking your beliefs in hand, and openly living their consequences, slides across boards we populate with game pieces. Transparency is terrifying in its exposure .... which opens us to all forms of attachment, and attack. The ‘open book’ reads one’s life with extremes which educated people convey in subtly, if at all. The primary living clause of one’s work here, is to expose the beauties within us; sensitizing us to the process nature founds us upon, and in turn, showing us what needs to be saved from the judgmental abyss which hollows our souls." Damn. Did you rehearse that, or is it real time? Latter dude. We high five and I miss, slapping the mustard from the shelves above me, leaving an explosive yellow mess on the wall. Nice art. Yea. I get the camera; he starts to finger paint. Do you think this shit will ever come off? I mean ... I know, your deposit and shit. Art’s an expensive subject, as you know. I shrug. Why not ad some blue, while we’re at it? I spattered tropical Cool-Aid mix, which melted and ran to a rather disturbing sign, much like a Rohrach ink blot test. This shit’s a dream, he said.

Excerpts from : Transparency Underlies Us

Danger derives from not letting ‘reality’ occur. The act of being more transparent in the world serves our souls, belying what we believe into form. Openly asking questions surprise the answers with themselves, for not trusting yourself breeds contempt. Hidden fear is contagious; inexplicable outbreaks occur in the orders of the world around us, whose stories precess us towards miracles we missed midstream, even in "falling apart" with a loss of strength’s perspective within yourself. Switching perspectives on what appears to be ‘wrong’, leads us to our depths, which transparent, make lessons for the population to perceive, and emulate.

Resolutions demand contemplative space to exist. The immediate situation degrades the ensuing situation if a position is too lightly, or righteously grasped. Supports point to bases, whose grounding is taken for granted. Who knows how stubbornly the beam is embedded into the earth? We tend to examine who did it, and how it looks. False borders congeal walls we box our insight within, forgetting its claustrophobia in time. Boxes create false floors and ceilings, making you think your feet are rooted to the earth, and the sky dreams your hair to the winds. Automatic writing expresses itself in symbols the questions themselves seek to hide.

In general, reactions are flags waved, and suggest deeper truths beneath their diversions, designed to protect what the outburst directly alludes to. The actual truths are diversions away from themselves, as their intensity makes us go deaf, to the vision they convey.


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